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This transformational conversation is perfect for you if you’re creating the business you want and:

  • Have a high-paying job and high-level education, are getting good reviews and references but still feel things should be better.
  • Quit or got laid of your job because life as an employee did not fit you.
  • Are self-employed and feel held back taking your business to the next level.
  • Have a business and are experiencing difficulties achieving your goals.

If this is you, chances are that you are:

  • Putting in the effort but not getting the results
  • Watching others succeed and wondering why you don’t
  • Going from one thing to the next, thinking it will get better
  • Frustrated that you are not achieving your potential

Join me in a conversation where you will learn why this happens, what it brings you and what you can do about it.

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Gives me the insights I need to make difficult choices

As an entrepreneur, personal growth is extremely important to me. To stand still is to go backwards.

I came into contact with Mark at exactly the right time. In the coaching conversations I had with him, he knew exactly how to ask the right questions and quickly get to the heart of the matter. That is sometimes confrontational, but more often enlightening. It gives me the insights I need to make difficult choices.

Although it is difficult to measure, I am convinced that this will accelerate ambitions. Anyone who is open to actively getting started with their future, I can definitely recommend scheduling a number of sessions with Mark.

Lauren Visser

Excellent to help me structure my thoughts

I have worked with Mark as I recently started my own business. His coaching and entrepreneurial insights have been excellent to help me structure my thoughts, including future business planning and strategy. Mark is well organised and a pleasure to work with, thank you.

Rebecca Self

Helped me a lot

During our conversation, Mark managed to peel off a few layers again, which brought me a little closer to the core. In that sense he helped me a lot.

Erna Tielbeke

Gave me a solid foundation

Very good coach! Really purely driven to help you.
Searched for a solution together with Mark to expand my network.
It gave me a solid foundation to build on!

Berend Kolkman

Has an open mind and makes you aware

Together with Mark, I discussed a suitable next step in my career. This provided both renewal and confirmation of my ideas. He has an open mind and makes you aware of suitable working environments/roles in an accessible way. I can certainly recommend Mark in the field of coaching and advice.

Jeffrey Westra

I highly recommend Mark as a coach

I “met” Mark through a common interest in mastering our mindsets, surpassing limiting beliefs, old patterns from respective conditioning in the pursuit of being better – at life & work. I like to read Mark´s posts because of their value, insight, sharpness, and grit. Equally, I appreciate his comments on mine. So when we finally met, a scheduled hourly call, it turned into two hours because there were of course, many commonalities that enriched the conversation,and turned it towards coaching as well.

Mark comes from technology (hard skills) and has evolved into coaching (soft skills). Both demand grit, wit, and relentless exploration to reach the targets set. A common target we share, is not to let trauma experience dominantly define who we are. Whenever someone surpasses their trauma, tremendous energy has been put into mastering thoughts and emotions that do not serve our present (thus the future). What I received in the conversation was the wisdom from a fellow human that has, and continue to have the grit to turn every stone in the game of ´better´.

So much so in fact, that Mark has created a model, a carousel, that displays cycles of staying stuck in the old, up until crises and need for change. It´s very recognizable to me, and to most of us, as we don´t really get moving until a crisis takes over. If you are interested in understanding your patterns better (and you should), invest 10 minutes in Mark´s carousel of approval to see where you are. Then book a call with him.

I highly recommend Mark as a coach – and the uncomfortable look of his model, so that you can get the support you need to move forward from what doesn´t work – to what does.

Silvie Le Muzic

Skilled at deep listening

Mark was a terrific resource for me while I was looking to redefine my business profile and direction. He listens thoughtfully and actively and was able to reflect back the key themes and components of my mission and passion without imposing his own agenda. It is so important to find a coach who helps you find YOUR direction rather than coming at the partnership with all the answers. There are lots of “coaches” out there who are wrapped up in being experts and authorities. Mark is skilled at deep listening and at leading the client to distill their thinking so that they can find their purpose and direction.

Constance Schrader

Outstanding Coach

Mark & I have been working together in a coaching program for about 9 weeks now. During that time we made it a point to connect at least once a week over a zoom call to support each other and hold each other accountable.

It is a great experience as I find Mark very warm, supportive, intuitive and empathic when it comes to helping me through my blockages and limiting beliefs. I would recommend Mark to anyone who would like to work with an outstanding coach who will give you their full undivided attention.

Nareman Elmagboul

Gentle yet sharp questions

Mark is very gentle and kind coaching professional. He created a safe space for coaching and sharing fears or limiting beliefs that we create from our experiences. In this safe enviroment I was able to share my experience and thoughts. Mark with gentle yet sharp questions got me to realize useful insights to keep on going through my blocking issues without losing long term perspective.

Carlos Kamiya

Get answers to questions in an unexpected way

Quimpro is Quantum! It gives you the means to discover yourself and work with everything that is possible in life with your personal qualities. The best part is that you get answers to questions in an unexpected way, almost magically!

Hector Recinos