Entrepreneurial Mind Mastery Program

Get full clarity on why you do what you do, how to let go of any form of external validation, how to find your higher purpose AND receive the tools you need to achieve it… In 3 MONTHS


Experience a transformational conversation


  • Are you smart and motivated?
  • Can you adapt well and empathize with others?
  • Do you get good results, do you get good reviews, but do you still want something to change?
  • Do you ever feel that you have to reach higher and higher goals for the same good result?
  • Have you ever been frustrated that you achieve more goals for others than for yourself?
  • Do you not always see appreciation, are you valued for the wrong things or do you hear appreciation about others and not about you?
  • Do you ever get bored and do things that you really wouldn’t want to do?
  • Do you sometimes wait too long before taking action because something is holding you back?
  • Would you like to validate your choice with someone before enrolling in this program?


Experience a transformational conversation

We often look for confirmation in something outside ourselves and especially in these times it is important that people operate autonomously. As a person and as an entrepreneur.

In this program you will discover how to let go of any need for external validation. How to operate autonomously and authentically. This is how complete freedom comes into the picture.

Are you moving from job to job, assignment to assignment or do you want to start a business or have you already started a business in the hope that it will get better. Are you tired of having to start all over again? Are you looking for a solution, but do you always end up in the same situation?

The reality is that it will never get better until you start thinking differently about yourself and about others. Only then something will change.

That’s what this program is for. In this program your way of thinking becomes clear step by step so that you get a clear picture of how to get out of your own limited thinking, so that you experience the freedom you are looking for.


Experience a transformational conversation


The program is based on the most recent knowledge and experience in personal development and neuroscience gained through various materials and training from luminaries in the field. This makes the program extremely effective.

The program consists of 12 sessions and during 3 months I will work with you on assignments that we discuss weekly.

  • Week 1-3: you discover why you do what you do.
  • Week 4-6: you discover how to find your higher purpose.
  • Week 7-9: you discover how to let go of any form of external validation.
  • Week 10-12: you discover what it takes to achieve your goal.


Experience a transformational conversation


Get answers to questions in an unexpected way

Quimpro is Quantum! It gives you the means to discover yourself and work with everything that is possible in life with your personal qualities. The best part is that you get answers to questions in an unexpected way, almost magically!

Hector Recinos