I highly recommend Mark as a coach

I “met” Mark through a common interest in mastering our mindsets, surpassing limiting beliefs, old patterns from respective conditioning in the pursuit of being better – at life & work. I like to read Mark´s posts because of their value, insight, sharpness, and grit. Equally, I appreciate his comments on mine. So when we finally met, a scheduled hourly call, it turned into two hours because there were of course, many commonalities that enriched the conversation,and turned it towards coaching as well.

Mark comes from technology (hard skills) and has evolved into coaching (soft skills). Both demand grit, wit, and relentless exploration to reach the targets set. A common target we share, is not to let trauma experience dominantly define who we are. Whenever someone surpasses their trauma, tremendous energy has been put into mastering thoughts and emotions that do not serve our present (thus the future). What I received in the conversation was the wisdom from a fellow human that has, and continue to have the grit to turn every stone in the game of ´better´.

So much so in fact, that Mark has created a model, a carousel, that displays cycles of staying stuck in the old, up until crises and need for change. It´s very recognizable to me, and to most of us, as we don´t really get moving until a crisis takes over. If you are interested in understanding your patterns better (and you should), invest 10 minutes in Mark´s carousel of approval to see where you are. Then book a call with him.

I highly recommend Mark as a coach – and the uncomfortable look of his model, so that you can get the support you need to move forward from what doesn´t work – to what does.

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